CW Alerts

Here are the names of captains.   The captains are trained in how to send Alerts. 

If you can help and be a Captain please use the contact form on this website to request a sub-account. I would like to spread the captains out so they are not all bunched up.  Maybe three captains per Swan Valley region....TBD.   


Note:   Any member that has access to DialMyCalls will need a sub-account.  This sub-account has its Alerts recorded and if abused, that Captain will no longer have access.



Bill Cory    Please use the contact page on this website to contact Bill.

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Main services offered: 

 Amazon Web Services Reseller / AWS Systems Operations Administrator  and Community Volunteer

Did you know many of the victims in Paradise, CA died  because they didn't know to evacuate!   The fire spread so fast that the evacuation orders never reached them.  The Smart Reverse 911 System was not operational and personnel that were tasked to go door-to-door to request they evacuate had to leave the area due to the heat and flames.

Emergency Operations Coordinator Broshears said, "Other towns could save lives if they taught residents to shelter from fire and got more of them to sign up for alerts."


Evacuation plan 'out the window' when fire hit California town        

Camp Fire nearly leveled Paradise


Community Watch Alerts is not to replace 911, Smart 911 nor the Forest Service or any other Public Emergency Services informing residents of impending danger. 

 Example of synthesized voice messages you'd receive on your landline on the links below:


Fire truck turn-around is blocked 

Forest Fire alert

Grizzly Bear spotted in your area

Mountain Lion kills two dogs.


Sending 100's of Alerts to the Swan Valley Community using  Text / Voice or both.

In addition to receiving Text messages on cell phones, you can also send synthesized voice messages to landline phones.  Many homes in the Swan Valley do not have cell phone service, only landline or radio.   It is possible to use "Phone Number Validation" to determine the type of phone number provided.  When it detects that a phone number can’t receive text messages, it will send a synthesized voice message instead.  Alerts can now reach a segment of the community who you wouldn’t be able to reach by sending text messages.