In emergencies always call 911 first!
Impt:   If you're outside our calling area you need to call 406-728-0911

Start at the top of the list and work your way down until you get to someone that can send the alert.  Currently its just me!

Alert senders will be listed here and keep the numbers handy and easily accessible: 

Bill Cory #1:      Bill can be reached on either (Cell) 754-2683 or (Home) 406-890-6118 (you need to dial all 10 dgitis) 
I shouldn't be the only person that knows how to send an urgent alert! 

Please volunteer!

Alert Sender #2: Joe Schome and contact information.

Alert Sender #3: John Doe  and contact information.

Alert Sender #4: Sally Doe  and contact information.

 If you can volunteer  as an "Alert Sender"  please call Bill at 754-2683    You will be given a user name and password and shown how to send an urgent alert.   You will be listed on this page for others to know who you are so they can contact you and have you send an alert to the Lindbergh Lake Road community. 


 As a general practice, the notifications should contain these essential elements:

— The message source *** Who is sending the message.

— The threat *** A description of the danger to people or property.

— The threat location*** The location or boundaries of the critical event.

— Guidance or instructions *** The actions you want your audience to take.

— Expiration time *** Let your audience know when the message expires.

***Click here for Sample message templates***


The Swan Valley Quick Response Unit, Swan Valley Volunteer Fire Department and the local Sheriffs are aware of the Lindy Alert.  Several People along Lindbergh Lake Rd are part of the county emergency QRU and will be notified immediately when 911 calls are received from  Missoula County Emergency Services.   When appropriate they can relay the above  information via a  Lindy Alert.


Note:   I shouldn't be the only person that knows how to send out an urgent alert!    There will be times when I'm not available to send out an alert...... So there needs to be several people along the Lindbergh Lake RD community that have access to the internet.  They don't have to be at Lindbergh Lake all the time, the requirement is that they have access to the internet.

I will put more tutorials on this web site but you can also go to and watch the tutorials!   Or I'll sit down with you in front of a computer or cell phone app and show you how it works.   

I created a GoFundMe Give Butter page to help recoup the expenses, maybe this should be a subscription instead?   My hope is that only a few Lindy  Alerts are sent per year.    If you want to help your LL community please volunteer as an "Alert Sender".