CW Alerts

In emergencies always call 911 first!
Impt:   If you're outside our calling area you need to call 406-728-0911

Start at the top of the list and work your way down until you get to someone who can send the alert. 

Alert senders are listed below.  Keep the numbers handy and easily accessible.  Write them in your phone book!


Bill Cory #1:     Home: 406-890-6118 (Has  ATT Smart Call Block)    Cell: 7Five4-2683 

Martin DeHaven #2: Home: 7five4-3474  Cell: 209-404-080seven

Tisha DeHaven #3:  Home: 7five4-3474  Cell: 209-404-355three

Steve Page #4:  
 Home: 7five4-2358  Cell: (509) 995-706two

I need a couple more alert senders, 

Thanks, Bill


Please Help by being an Alert Sender! 

Alert Sender #5: Smokey The Bear and contact information.

Alert Sender #6: Woodsey Owl   and contact information.

 If you can help be an "Alert Sender"  please phone Bill.   His numbers are  listed above.   You will be given a sub-account with  user name and password.  I will show you how to send out an alert.  You will be listed on this page for others to know who you are so they can contact you to send and alert.  You do not have to list your contact information and still be an alert sender.  I'm thinking of have a training session at my house on the big screen sometime when enough people inform me of their interest.


 As a general practice, the notifications should contain these essential elements:

— The message source *** Who is sending the message. You can say this is from the Lindy Alert.

— The threat *** A description of the danger to people or property.

— The threat location*** The location or boundaries of the critical event.

— Guidance or instructions *** The actions you want your audience to take.

— Expiration time *** Let your audience know when the message expires.

***Click here for Sample message templates***


The Swan Valley Quick Response Unit (QRU) , Swan Valley Volunteer Fire Department, local DNRC , The Montana Department of Emergency Services (DES) and local Sheriff's office have all  been notified of the Lindy Alert.  Several People along Lindbergh Lake Rd are part of the county emergency QRU (including Bill Cory and Martin DeHaven) and will be notified immediately when 911 calls are received or announced over their radios from  Missoula County Emergency Services.   When appropriate they can relay the above  information via a  Lindy Alert.


Note:   I shouldn't be the only person that can send an urgent alert!    There will be times when I'm not available to send out an alert...... So there need to be several people along the Lindbergh Lake RD community that have access to a computer connected to the internet or use their landline or cell phone to record and send the message.  They don't have to be at Lindbergh Lake as the requirement is to have a computer connected to the internet or if need be, use their phone.

I will put more tutorials on this web site but you can also go to and watch the tutorials!   Or I'll sit down with you in front of a computer, landline or possibly a cell phone app and show you how it works.   

I created a crowd funding page at Give Butter to help recoup the expenses, maybe this should be a Homeower's subscription instead?   My hope is that only a few Lindy  Alerts are sent per year if any at all.   If you want to help your LL Road community please volunteer as an "Alert Sender".




In emergencies always call 911 first!

Impt:   If you're outside the local calling area you need to call 406-728-0911

I've spoken with  Missoula 911 Supervisor Sherri Odlin  and Missoula County Emergency services Director Adrian Beck.   They both said the protocol is to not send out a reverse 911 (a.k.a. Rave Alert) until the emergency is investigated by a vetted Law Enforcement officer or Fire Chief.  In the article below entitled "Crime is Increasing in the Swan Valley": Pathfinder Article   it's mentioned it could be hours before anyone can investigate.    By delaying emergency notification to Lindbergh Lake Road Community wastes precious time getting help.  The Lindy Alert is sent out immediately once a Lindy Alert "sender"  is notified.


 ??What is the Lindy Alert??:    It is similar to the old-fashioned phone tree.  However, only one person is needed to send the alert to everyone within seconds.   All those signed up will get the urgent voice alert on either their landline or cell phone or both.

 The Lindy "Alert Sender" is phoned or contacted in person.  There will be several "Alert Senders" in case the one you call is unavailable.  It is possible for everyone to be an alert sender if they want, but this can get unwieldy for me.   So maybe a dozen or so senders should be enough.  The "Alert Sender" uses the DMC system to send the alert to all landlines and cell phones registered with the Lindy Alert.

We need "Alert Senders"  please help.   There are several ways you can send an alert.   Option 1:  is by using an internet connection with your computer.  Option 2 is using your telephone to record a message and send it out.  See the"Training Tab" or go to the DialMyCalls Website tutorials.


Click the bulleted links below to hear an example of the alert you would get on either your landline phone or smartphone (text message) or both. 


The alert can be sent to hundreds of landlines and mobile phones.  Everyone on the database shall be alerted within seconds.   It's important to know that DMC will not send out alerts if we do not have enough money banked in the account!  

  Crime is Increasing in the Swan Valley Read Here: Pathfinder Article

To sign up for the Lindy Alert donate $5.00 and then you will be emailed the PIN and Google Form to fill out.

To donate click here: Donate

 Recording of wolves howling at Lindbergh Lake  Listen for the "lone wolf echo" towards the end