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 Amazon Web Services Reseller / AWS Systems Operations Administrator  and Community Volunteer

Did you know many of the victims in Paridise, CA died  because they didn't know to evacuate!   The fire spread so fast that the evacuation order never reached many homeowners.  The Smart 911 System was not operational and personnel that were tasked to go door-to-door to request they evacuate had to leave the area due to the heat and flames.
See: https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2019/10/16/20908291/camp-fire-wildfire-california-paradise-survivors

 I'm proposing a neighborhood watch using AWS.   This is not to replace Smart 911 or the Forest Service from coming door to door with evacuations orders. 

 Example of voice messages you'd receive on your landline telephone..click on the links below:


Forest Fire alert

Grizzly Bear spotted in your area

Mountain Lion kills two dogs.



Please read more about this by clicking the Lindbergh Lake Notifications menu link above.

Sending Urgent Messages to the Neighborhood using either Text or Voice or both.

In addition to receiving Text messages on your cell phone, you can also use voice messages as a backup channel when you aren’t able to deliver messages through email, SMS, or push notifications. For example, it’s not unusual for customers to provide you with phone numbers that aren’t able to receive text messages, such as land-line or VoIP numbers. You can use the Phone Number Validate feature of Amazon Web Services to determine the type of phone number provided.  When it detects that a phone number can’t receive text messages, it will send a voice message instead. By using Amazon Web Services, the notifications will reach a segment of customers who you wouldn’t be able to reach by sending text messages.