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 7thHeaven means to feel extremely happy! 


Main service offered: 

 Amazon Web Services Reseller and AWS Systems Operations Administrator 


An example of the message over your telephone line:  Click to hear example


Sending Urgent Messages to Neighborhood Watch in case they don't have an email address or texting capable phone number or want to receive all channels:

In addition to delivering one-to-one transactional messages, you can also use voice messages as a backup channel when you aren’t able to deliver messages through email, SMS, or push notifications. For example, it’s not unusual for customers to provide you with phone numbers that aren’t able to receive text messages, such as land-line or VoIP numbers. You can use the Phone Number Validate feature of Amazon Pinpoint to determine the type of phone number provided. When you detect that a phone number can’t receive text messages, you can send voice messages instead. By using Amazon Pinpoint Voice, you can reach a segment of customers who you wouldn’t be able to reach by sending text messages.