Letter to Kris Blank on January 9th by Ray Trudell

20 Jan 2023 02:18 #26 by BillCory
Kris Blank
Operations Coordinator
Missoula County
6089 Training Dr.
Missoula, MT 59808
January 9, 2023

This a formal request that Missoula County allocate2023 Dust Abatement funds to the
Lindbergh/Cygnet Access Road.
• Lindbergh/Cygnet Lake Road has a fugitive dust issue that is out of compliance with
Administration Rules of the State of Montana under the Department of Environmental Quality
Standards under the Rule of 17.8.308.
Missoula County members are aware that Lindbergh/Cygnet Lake area has experienced tremendous
growth over the last five years and coupled with the increased recreational activities from people
visiting the area. The Lindbergh/Cygnet Access Road has seen a dramatic increase in traffic flow during
the summer months . This increased traffic flow has created an excessive amount of airborne
particulate matter ( fugitive dust) that is negatively impacting the living environment of the residents.
• I strongly encourage Missoula Count officials to allocate the necessary funding from the 2023 Dust
Abatement Budget to assist in the mitigation of the fugitive dust on the Lindbergh/Cygnet Lake
Access Road.


Ray Trudel Cygnet Lake HOA

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