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12 Aug 2021 20:53 #9 by Roger J
Lindy Alert was created by Roger J
The concept and practical use of this technology is something that the LLHOA should consider. First and foremost though is the LLHOA needs an Emergency Response Plan(ERP).I have communicated to Alan regarding this and too agreed. 
Once that is written and agreed upon, then we look at technology tools that allows the LLHOA  to execute its ERP.
While I believe this tools has merit, I would also be interested in other channels of communication it supports such as SMS & email.. Does this tool support all three - voice, SMS & email. At what cost?.
Definitely interested. Just need to learn more about it. 
Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the LLHOA. 

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12 Aug 2021 22:37 - 28 Jun 2022 13:51 #10 by BillCory
Replied by BillCory on topic Lindy Alert
Roger, Thanks for submitting your question.  Yes the alert can be sent to SMS, Landline and email.   DialMyCalls service goes up by 7 cents/credit based each additional SMS, Landline and emails are alerted.  Also price goes up based on how many alerts throughout the year that are broadcast.     It might be better to sign up for the monthly subscription at ~$27/month during the summer months for 500 credits.   With approx. 80 residences I surmise at most 240 credits, used for each alert sent out.   That's assuming one landline and two cell phones for each residence.   This would allow two Lindy Alert urgent messages in the summer time.   Therefore, I ask homeowners to limit themselves to only those that have an immediate need to know.   See the link below for DialMyCalls pricing.

There are many channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and who knows how many more...The problem is that we don't use these amongst the entire community.  We need something that is ubiquitous.  We need something that demands our attention during a dire situation and that everyone is privy to.   

Remember when we had a fire engine siren on top of one of the power poles back in the 60's?     A telephone ringing or SMS phone beeping will most likely get your attention more so than other channels mentioned.  The fire engine horn blasting does not give us enough information, only that something is up, who knows what?  So SMS texts and landline calls are the best means to notify neighbors of urgent alerts.  Not that a fire engine horn would be a bad thing...... well I remember kids pushing the button and running off.

To see the DialMyCalls service costs please click this link:    DialMyCalls Price Tag
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13 Aug 2021 00:15 - 12 Jul 2022 14:28 #11 by BillCory
Replied by BillCory on topic Lindy Alert
Great idea Roger....Emergency Response Plan (ERP)!   However, I don't think we need an ERP right this minute, as the Lindy Alert is already operational.    Your idea of an ERP would be paramount to the Lindy Alert.   

As part of the ERP I'd like to suggest we get some training on how to "Shelter in Place"  in case we are boxed in here at the lake from a forest fire.   It would be nice to have a plan on what to do in this instance.  Maybe the U.S. Forest Service or DNRC has someone that could discuss this at the HOA meeting?   

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