What does it cost a county for Reverse 911. Click on the blue hyperlink  below to read the article..


The Lindbergh Lake and surrounding community Alerts service is an example of using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).   We rent the equipment and software on "as needed basis" rather than purchasing, installing and hiring; servers, software and IT personel respectively.  I'm hoping to raise $600.00 on the GoFundMe page to pay for Alerts for one year.   See the Go Fund Me page and click on the Go Fund Me logo to see more.  


This is what our local government pays for alert services:


Missoula County, Montana:  
The cost is $21,000 /year for county wide mass notifications and smart 911 service through Rave Mobile.  Also Smart Prepare, a.k.a "I am responding" a two way emergency service costs the county $10,000/year.   


Mobile County Alabma, Buys Emergency Notification System
 $38,800 first year then $34,000 each subsequent year.

Summit County Colorado Reverse 911 Cost  
$15,000 to set up then $1,300 / month in recurring monthly fees.


Calling All Citizens
The overall cost of a reverse 911 system varies depending on what features a department selects. Carmel, Indiana, for example, spent about $29,000 to buy and install the hardware and software. After that, the city will pay $13,700 annually. DuPage County also spent around $30,000 to install the equipment in 1996, and has since been spending around $11,000 annually. But a system can also cost as much as $69,000, which is what Austin paid to install its system this April. The city estimates it will cost about $16,000 annually.


Black Hills Pioneer
The cost is just under $7,000 a year for 12,500 minutes, said Rafferty.


It's diffficult to find out what counties pay for reverse 911.   Very little is published on the internet.