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What does it cost a county for Reverse 911. Click on the blue hyperlink  below to read the article..


As a Swan Valley Community we set this up ourselves for pennies.   
Look what our Emergency Services pays for these services:

Missoula County:  
The cost is $21,000 /year for Mass notifications and smart 911  service through Rave Mobile.  Also Smart Prepare a two way for emergency services departmentts is $10,000/year 


Mobile County Buys Emergency Notification System
 $38,800 first year then $34,000 each subsequent year.

Summit County Colorado Reverse 911 Cost  
$15,000 to set up then $1,300 / month in recurring monthly fees.


Calling All Citizens
The overall cost of a reverse 911 system varies depending on what features a department selects. Carmel, Indiana, for example, spent about $29,000 to buy and install the hardware and software. After that, the city will pay $13,700 annually. DuPage County also spent around $30,000 to install the equipment in 1996, and has since been spending around $11,000 annually. But a system can also cost as much as $69,000, which is what Austin paid to install its system this April. The city estimates it will cost about $16,000 annually.




Black Hills Pioneer
The cost is just under $7,000 a year for 12,500 minutes, said Rafferty.


It's diffficult to find out what counties pay for reverse 911.   Very little is published on the internet.