In emergencies always call 911 first!

Impt:   If you're outside the local calling area you need to call 406-728-0911

??What is the Lindy Alert??:    It is similar to  the old fashioned phone tree.  However only one person is needed to send the alert to everyone within seconds.   All those signed up will get the urgent alert on either their landline or text phone or both.

The Lindy "Alert Sender" is phoned or contacted in person.  There will be several alert senders in case the one you call is unavailable.  It is possible for everyone to be an alert sender if they want, but this can get unwieldly for me.   So maybe a dozen or senders should be enough.  The "Alert Sender" uses the DMC system to send the alert to all landline and text phones registered with the Lindy Alert.

We need "Alert Senders"  please help.   There are several ways you can send an alert.   Option 1:  is by using an internet connection with your computer.  Option 2 is using your telephone to record a message and send it out.  See the"Training Tab" or go to the DialMyCalls Website tutorials.


Click the bulleted links below to hear an example of the alert you would get on either your landline phone or smarphone (text message) or both. 


The alert can be sent to 100's of landline and mobile phones.  Everyone on the database shall be alerted within seconds.   It's important to know that DMC will not send out alerts if we do not have enough money banked in the account!  

Click the link below to comment with your personal suggestions for the Lindy Alert on the Community Forum. 

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