In emergencies always call 911 first!

Impt:   If you're outside the local calling area you need to call 406-728-0911

The county reverse 911 process: After you call to request an alert be sent to our area, the 911 operator will contact law enforcement and have an officer call you back to discuss.   Hopefully, they are in an area where they have cell phone service to phone you!  At the officer's discretion, they  draw a polygon on their computer map encircling all of the Lindbergh Lake RD homes.  Then the officer  sends the reverse 911 message.  This process is subjective and takes up precious time!    
Alternatively,  the Lindy Alert "Sender" is simply called or visited at home and will immediately send out the urgent alert to all phones resgistered.   

Click the bulleted links below to hear an example of the alert you would ge
t on either your landline phone or smarphone (text message) or both. 


The alert can be sent to 100's of landline and mobile phones.  Everyone on the database shall be alerted within seconds.   It's important to know that DMC will not send out alerts if we do not have enough money banked in the account!  Bill C. will make sure there's enough to message everyone subscribed to the Lindy Alert. 

 Recording of wolves howling at Lindbergh Lake  Listen for the "lone wolf echo" towards the end

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