How to set up DialMyCalls for First Time Users  Note:  Do not set up an account.  We will be using one account with your own login and password.


Text to Speech recording


Phone in the Alert turtorial


Record Custom Message Over your phone.



Bill's example of sending a message to Landline Phones.


Note:   Currently I chosen to use "voice" over SMS messages  to cell phones.   The SMS messages are limited to 160 characters, but can concatenate another message if using another DMC credit.    From what I have been reading it's best to keep SMS messages to 160 characters and if need be at most 320 characters.   I've experimented in sending  a "voice" message to both landline and cell  phones and voice works great.    So selecting Send Broadcast now and with a "voice" alert to both landline and cell phones is what I propose for now.   If you need to have SMS messages instead of voice, please let me know and I will start a list of those that want SMS instead of voice.   Thanks