The campaign to add phone numbers to the Lindy Alert has now ended. 

If there is enough interest I'll open another campaign to add more phone numbers to the Lindy Alert.   To Be Determined.


If you want to receive  Lindy Alerts, donate $5.00  for each phone number you want included.   You can do that on the link "Donate"  This donation is for the current summer season 2022-2023 and you will be notified on all phones registered into the next summer.  This would include cabin breakins, or other nefarious activities during the winter months when few people are around.  

The Lindy Alert is a work in progress.  If you want this service, I need your help and will ask for a donation to pay DialMyCalls (DMC).   That's because unless enough is banked in the DMC account DMC will not send the alert.  


After you donate you will receive an email with the PIN number for the: Google signup form.

Please use Google signup form as it has you agree to the disclaimer,  eliminates excessive paperwork and keeps me organized.

See what I'm paying out of pocket for 7thHeaven website's infrastructure by clicking.

At some point I'd like to switch this to a "Static" website to reduce cost.