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The DialMyCalls (DMC) charges are based on how many alerts are sent and how many phone numbers are on the database both of which are near impossible to predict.  If you want to be notified of a Lindy Alert then donate  $5.00 per phone number and you will be sent the PIN for the encrypted google sign up form.

I suggest a tip from .25 to  .50 cents to Give Butter.  


Donate using "Give Butter".   At this time  donations are accepted on Give Butter, because all other virtual payment options would charge from 2% to 6% plus a .30 fee for each charge.   Give Butter makes its money from "tips".    This way there is no cost for collecting donations, the idea is you give a tip. However you don't have to.  And you can always donate without any tips or charges by seeing me or at the homeowers meeting.

This is what I'm paying for the 7thHeaven Hosting:  click here

This does not include costs incurred by using DialMyCalls (DMC) Service