I am using my domain's URL (7thHeaven.cloud)  to host the Lindy Alert.   This website is being used to get the word out about "The Lindy Alert" 


I'm also a Volunteer Fire Fighter for Swan Valley, and donate my time and gas money to help those in need.

These are my out-of-pocket expenses.   This does not include charges paid to DialMyCalls Alert service.

 GoDaddy charges:

Ultimate Linux Hosting with C Panel renewal    $108.00/year

Website Backup 25Gbyte:   $17.88 / year

Website Security Advanced  $71.88/year

Managed SSL Certificate will come with Ultimate Linux Hosting.


 In total I pay at least $198.00/year  to host 7thHeaven.cloud

It would be nice to have some of this $$$ reimbursed through donations.

The $5.00 donation is so there is money banked with DialMyCalls service.   If there is not enough money banked in the DMC account, the Alert will not be sent.  


At some point I'd like to switch this to a "Static" website to reduce cost.