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This notification service is a work in progress,  and so need help from you to try it out so I can get some feedback.   I'm also considering AWS Pinpoint the best option for Lindbergh Lake as it allows calling a regular phone line.   If you have a solution please fill out the contact form and let me know what it is.  Thanks!

I'm thinking the notifications would be for those living around Lindbergh, Cygnet or Diamond L Bar.  I've decided to have only one Topic, "Urgent"   This is NOT to replace 911, Smart 911.  It is similar to the Amber Alert in that the messages are broadcast to everyone subscribed.  Currently it would be a one-way or simplex notification service.   Always call 911 first if it is a medical or another emergency.    This notification service could be used as a follow up in case help can get to you faster than the Quick Response unit or whatever other public emergency services are in route.  

At past LLHOA meetings, there have been requests to create a quick easy way to contact people around the lake.  Especially for loose items floating down the lake, like docks, boats, water skis, and other items.  Notifications can be sent if bears, cougars, vicious dogs etc. are on the Summer home Road or elsewhere nearby.    

The phone tree is one option. Another is using Notification Services.
This service would allow those wishing notifications, to have them sent to their smartphone via text message.   Another option is by email or have both texts and emails sent at the same time.  Also, a phone call to your POTS line can be made, it's your choice.  Nowadays many residents on Lindbergh have Internet access, Wi-Fi/ Wi-Fi Calling and/or Microcells at their lake home.   In addition, there is an AT&T Tower which provides some spotty cellular service to AT&T subscribers here and there.

"Volunteer Urgent Notification Publishers" from our community will be trained and required to log in under their own credentials and publish the notifications.  Volunteers will not have access to subscribers phone numbers or email addresses, they will only be able to see the topic and publish messages.    "Volunteer Urgent Notification Publishers"  will be identified on this website, so you can contact them to request they publish the notification.  

So instead of a phone tree where many people have to be contacted, only one person that knows how to log in and publish a message needs to be contacted. That one person then logs in and publishes the message, whereby it's immediately sent to all subscribers based on their preferred method of receiving notifications.... via text message, email, both /or..... maybe a simple telephone call to your landline phone....this is pending and will need to have a phone ladder set up. 

Click the link highlighted in orange in order to signup.  Bill Cory will administer the service and will pay the minimal costs associated with the notification service.  Subscribers must pay for their own phone carrier charges for text messages... most carriers have unlimited text messaging.   Note, you can always click "unsubscribe" to email messages and reply STOP to SMS messages if you no longer wish to receive any messages.

Fill Out Subscription Form

Listen to the Summit Wolf Pack broadcasting a notification just outside my door:    The Summit Wolf Pack notifies Lindbergh Lake