The Lake County sheriff’s office has declined to respond to repeated phone calls and emails seeking comment on how and when residents were notified. In a statement issued earlier this week, sheriff’s Lt. Steve Brooks said CalFire requested evacuation assistance at 1:50 p.m. Saturday but it remains unclear which communities were notified and how

Emergency Operations Coordinator Broshears said, "Other towns could save lives if they taught residents to shelter from fire and got more of them to sign up for alerts."   

Has anyone on Lindbergh Lake Road been taught how to "shelter in place duing a forest fire"?
  Probably not!

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 The Lindy Alert is neither intended to replace 911, Smart 911, the Forest Service nor any other Public Emergency Services informing residents of impending danger. 

Always call 911 first! 

The Swan Valley Quick Response Unit (QRU) and Swan Valley Volunteer Fire Department are aware of the Lindy Alert.